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Wrap Around Care

Our wrap-a-round care club is governor run and offers a high quality childcare facility – before and after school. Such a facility is known as an ‘Out of School Club’ because it offers children a safe, stimulating environment outside of school hours. The club is not open access. Children must be registered with the Bhylls Acre Wrap Around Care Club and be collected by either parents or carers.


The main aim of the club is to help children develop their full potential through positive Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional (SPICE) experiences by providing a happy, stable and secure environment where parents and carers feel confident to leave their children.


The club is run by Mrs Diane Potts and Miss Annemarie Fellows who provide excellent care and a wide range of activities. We also offer flexibility with our drop-off and collection times.


At breakfast club, the children are given a choice of cereals, wholemeal toast and preserves, juice, milk or water, fruit and crumpets. The children get the opportunity to play board games, draw and colour or play with construction toys or electronic games. The children are taken to their classrooms at the start of the day.


During our after school club, the children are given a variety of snacks (hot dogs, pitta, beans on toast etc.) and a drink. The children get the opportunity to play games, draw and colour, complete their homework, carry out creative themed activities or play outdoors. The children are escorted from their classrooms to the club at the end of the day.


Typical activities include:

  • arts and crafts

  • homework club

  • computing

  • sports

  • treasure hunts

  • outdoor play

Care Club Mobile Number: 07548 094270

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