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What is the PTFA?

PTFA stands for Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. It is a charitable organisation, which is made up of parents, teachers, friends and carers of children that attend our school.


Why does the school need a PTFA?

Like other schools, after paying for the running costs of the school, such as rates, electric, gas, etc. and the basic educational necessities, there is not a lot of money left to buy other things the school needs.


What does the PTFA do?

The primary objective of the PTFA is to raise funds, which helps the school to pay for items that the school budget doesn’t cover. Without this vital support, the school’s budget would become overstretched to the disadvantage of the education of your children.


One of the aims of the PTFA is to assist with improvements to the school by using the resources of parents, teachers and friends of the community. We also update and replace school equipment when it is needed. For instance, our contributions to school, have included providing I-pads for the children, developing the forest school area as well as ensuring every child in school receives a book bag.


Money raised also pays for things like subsidising school trips and parties. Not to mention buying new equipment for both lessons and playtime use. All monies raised by the PTFA are spent on items needed and requested by the school to improve your child’s education or for those extra added value things to give our children a great social life too!


How can you help?

By attending the PFTA meetings you will be helping to raise funds for things that enhance the quality of the learning experience, as well as aiding the development of the role of the partnership between home and school.


There are several ways that you can participate:

  • You can attend meetings, which are held locally every couple of months

  • You can forward your ideas to the PTFA, via e-mail or on their Facebook page

  • If you prefer a more ‘hands on approach’ you could volunteer to help organise or run forthcoming events


Why should I help the PTFA?

You would be making a real contribution to the school and your child’s education.


By being involved in the PTFA, you get the chance to have a say in decisions. You can become involved in planning, organising and arranging forthcoming events. And you get the chance to work as part of a team and meet other parents in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.


By having regular meetings we can exchange ideas and raise concerns or issues. Volunteers are always needed and new members are most welcome. The more helpers there are, the less of a commitment it becomes. Your interest would be greatly appreciated.


How do I become a member of the PTFA?

As a parent/guardian of a child(ren) currently attending Bhylls Acre Primary School, you automatically qualify as a member of its PTFA. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and carers can also help.


When are the meetings?

The meetings are held every couple of months, usually on Wednesday evenings. Dates of meetings and events are displayed on the school noticeboards and are published in the school newsletter.


What do the meetings involve?

The meetings are very informal. All you have to do is turn up. We go through an agenda which covers issues raised at the previous meeting and report on progress made. We then look at any other business. By attending as many meetings as possible you are contributing towards a good cause, which will benefit all of our children. Any input is very much appreciated. 


As we are a registered charity we must have a committee. The committee is made up of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary plus other deputising officers. These are elected once a year (usually in the autumn term at our AGM).


Having a committee allows the PTFA to have official recognition and for the work and responsibility to be shared.

For further information, please contact Steve Ward (Chair). They can be contacted through the school office on 01902 761153.

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