Bhylls Acre Primary School

Our Governors

Mr Patrick Flynn Chair of Governors
Ms Amanda Burns Vice Chair
Mr Ranz Baran Vice Chair
Mrs Amanda Bamford Local Authority Governor
Mrs Jane Woodall Headteacher
Co-opted Governors 3
Parent Governors 4
Staff Governors 2

Our Vision

As Governors of Bhylls Acre Primary, we are privileged and proud to be involved in the leadership of such a caring, happy and nurturing school.  We are committed to ensuring that all children receive the very best opportunities so they each achieve their potential.  Everything we do and every decision we make as a Governing Board will always put the best interests of the children at the centre. 

We will ensure that we carry out they key functions of a governing board in line with the school value and ethos, working with transparency, integrity, fairness and rigour.

  • We will work collaboratively with the Headteacher and staff to ensure that the school has a clear vision, ethos and knows where it is heading, informed by the views and opinions of all stakeholders.
  • We will support and rigorously challenge the school so that we are confident that children receive the very best teaching, an engaging and stimulating curriculum as well as a wide range of memorable experiences to help them grow and flourish.
  • We will ensure that the school is financially well-managed and that the money it receives is well spent, always with the best interest of the children and families in mind. 
  • We will take every opportunity to ask the right questions so that:
  • All children and their families are able to access the highest quality learning, supported by the very best resources 
  • We know the school well, both its strengths and things which may need to be developed
  • Expectations of behaviour, teaching, and attitudes to learning are high 
  • Teaching is the best it can be and responds to the needs of all children 
  • That all groups of children, boys, girls, more able, vulnerable learners and children with additional needs receive quality learning opportunities matched to their needs, so they are able to make the progress they deserve
  • We know how well the school is performing and are proactive in taking steps to constantly improve practice 
  • Children are safeguarded and that they feel safe, happy and look forward to learning
  • The school is aware of the different ways that children learn and is willing to embrace new ways of working 
  • We recognise each child’s uniqueness, foster acceptance, tolerance and respect and celebrate diversity, ensuring all children have high expectations of themselves and of the school
  • That all stakeholders, children, staff families and the community have a voice and are able to contribute to school life
  • That everyone’s wellbeing is at the heart of what we do, so that all children, staff, parents and families feel happy, welcomed, included and valued 
  • That Governors are visible, approachable, accountable, knowledgeable and a part of everyday school life

We are very fortunate to serve on the Governing Board of Bhylls Acre Primary school and are committed to providing the best experiences for our children.  We highly value the input of all our stakeholders – please do contact us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions as to how we can make Bhylls Acre Primary even more special than it already is. 

Governing Board Attendance 2021-2022

Governing Board Attendance 2020-2021

Declarations 2021-2022

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Type of Governor Name Term Ends Subject Responsibility
Co-opted Mr N Cox 31.08.2019 GDPR / Data Protection Officer / Safeguarding
Mr R Dodd 12.10.2019 Anti- bullying/ Prevent Officer / Pupil Premium
Mr R Baran 11.06.2022 Finance
LEA Mrs A S Bamford 31.12.2021 SEN/ EYFS
PAR Mr P Flynn 30.09.2023 E-Safety
Mrs C Beardsmore 05.11.2019 Health & Safety / Pupil Premium
Miss A Burns 05.11.2019 Mathematics
Mrs S Woods 30.09.2023 TBA
Co-opt/Staff Mrs J Edwards
(Staff Member)
12.10.2019 Child Protection / Governor Training and Development
Staff Mrs R Fleming
(Staff Member)
09.10.2019 Safeguarding