Bhylls Acre Primary School

Good afternoon... - 24/03/2020

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We are now in the second day of our school closure and day 1 of the UK  lockdown. Much has changed since I wrote to you on Friday and I am hearing about all the wonderful learning you are doing with your children. Please do however remember, we are not home schooling and the children of essential workers are not following the curriculum, we are only offering a childcare service based upon critical need. Enjoy the practical activities; gardening in this beautful spring weather, baking and that daily walk which means so much to us now. Enjoy sharing stories, blowing bubbles and enjoy a good board game - so good for social skills and language development.

It is important to follow government advice. If you are a key worker, only send your child to school if there is no one at home to look after them. We have a very limited staff and will try to stay open for as long as possible. The more exposure our staff have with others the more likely they are to become ill. The advice from the government is clear, stay home and stay safe. 

If you are a key worker, when dropping off and collecting your child, please do not enter the buidling, practise social distancing and do not gather at the gate.

Thinking of you all.

Kind regards,

Mrs L D Dunn - Head Teacher