Bhylls Acre Primary School


We have used the Primary School Sport Premium to enhance our provision by focusing on developing the coordination of PE and school sport, with Miss Edwards currently attending several training courses in order to support staff in school and develop their teaching of quality PE. We are developing our extra curricular offering through the course of the year and being more closely involved with local sports leagues in such sports as football, cross-country running and cricket.

Year 3, 4 and 5 pupils have swimming lessons at a local pool with suitably qualified staff. This is tailored to their swimming ability and they have the opportunity to gain recognized swimming awards. Every year we also aim to take part in ‘Top Up Swimming’ to ensure that all pupils leaving Bhylls Acre in Year 6 are at least able to swim 25 metres. We are hoping that this opportunity will be on offer again in the summer term.

Through the annual Year 6 residential visit to Shugborough OEC children are able to take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges such as BMX, caving, climbing, abseiling, kayaking and orienteering. This years trip will be subsidised using Sports Premium funding and our devolved school budget.

We also offer the Cool Kidz programme in school to identify pupils to give them further opportunities to develop coordination and confidence in physical literacy.