Bhylls Acre Primary School

Primary Sports Funding

Bhylls Acre Primary School Sport Premium 2016/17

We have used the Primary School Sport Premium to enhance our provision of PE across the school.  By using Soccer Coaching 2000, who deliver a high quality of sport provision. PE is being delivered to Years 3, 5 and 6 each week.  In addition, Soccer Coaching 2000 also provide additional lunchtime activities for the whole school on a weekly basis. A newly appointed teacher with a specialism in sports provision will also upskill teaching staff with valuable INSET.

As a school, we are developing our extra-curricular provision through the course of the year; we have increased the number of after-school clubs and are offering them a wider age range than previously offered.  This year we have also become more involved with local sports leagues, such as football, netball and tag rugby.  This encourages our children to compete in competitions within a variety of levels.

Soccer Coaching 2000 also provide lunch provision for all phases.

Years 3 and 4 take part in swimming lessons at a local pool, led by suitably qualified staff.  These lessons are tailored to their swimming ability and they have the opportunity to gain recognised swimming awards. This year, we have also targeted a number of year 5 who have not yet gained the ability to swim 25 metres.  These children have been invited to join in the weekly lesson.  Every year we also aim to take part in the “Top Up Swimming” to ensure that all pupils leaving Bhylls Acre in Year 6 are at least able to swim 25 metres.  We are hoping that this opportunity will be on offer again in the summer term.

Through the annual Year 6 residential visit to The Pioneer Centre this year, children will be able to take part in a variety of outdoor and indoor activities such as archery, climbing, raft building.